Private Tuition

Dukes Education is a leading provider of premium, one-to-one private tuition. Our network of highly sought-after academics are, in most cases, dedicated professional tutors, and clients of ours have access to the largest network of Oxbridge-educated tutors worldwide. The right tutor can often make all the difference in a child’s education. For those already doing well, an expert tutor can help them move beyond the merely ‘very good’ to the ‘exceptional’. Pupils hitting snags in their grasp of an academic subject can be helped immeasurably when tutors give one-to-one explanations and clear up the misunderstandings that frequently arise in class teaching. 

Getting the most out of tuition requires careful planning and insight, so our team provide a full programme to make sure parents and children get the maximum benefit.

Contact our Private Tuition Manager for a free phone consultation to explore how a tutor could support you.

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Georgina Hammerton

Private Tuition Manager

Tel: +44 (0)207 499 2394